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Crochet and Skateboarding.

Mr. Chip and I went to one of his fav skateboard parks to do a little scooting (YMCA Skateboard Park on the banks of the Yarra River). As you can see I filled my time with crochet. :-) It was wonderful to sit in the sun and hopefully get some Vitamin D into me.

While I was crocheting I had a young guy ask me what I was doing, I explained.  He stated that he knew how to knit.  Surprised me, a young guy with a skateboard knows how to knit!  It proves don't judge a person by their looks.


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I'm really looking forward to raising a son so we can do things like skate parks.

When you get to that point let me know. :-) I can recommend which ones to go to.

I used to sometimes catch the train with Hue Jones, who played harp with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. He used to knit during the train trip.

Oh, and do cryptic crosswords - one morning he went through one with me and explained how he does them!

Mmmmm very interesting.

See you at the Northside market! Remind me to tell you about the desk jet printable silk. Who says have have to sew to use fabric!

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