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Market this Saturday!!!

I have a stall at this market. So looking forward to it. As I said on Twitter, I really enjoy being in a room full of creative people. One can feel the creative energy floating about everywhere. That may sound weird, but it's the best way I can describe it. Also glad to see that my stall is next to Fab from 'Little Cooties', we have become fellow craft friends. This will be my last market for the year, next year I plan to really apply for more markets and try and complete a few more goals.

My biggest dream would be:- If I had some spare change :-) I would set up a craft / paper shop, stock all my friends products in it and others, with of course a little craft/paper bookshop on the side with a nice cafe to complete it. Locations I would choose, Chapel St, Brunswick St or the City. Does anyone have spare change? ;-)

I'm also looking forward to just visiting all the other markets that either Karen karenandmichael, Jennie vestalvagrant and Margaret missmargaret will be at. I miss just visiting the markets and enjoying looking at everyone's products and having a chat.

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Ah good, I will very probably stop by some time in the morning. Cheers

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