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Addicted to Money

Just watched part 1 of the 3 part series called 'Addicted to Money: Who Killed the Economy'.

Fascinating show, I loved the following quotes

'what liberates you also enslaves you'

Of course he was referring to money. Also reminds me of my favourite line in the 'The Verb' song 'Bitter Sweet Symphony'
'Trying to make ends meet , you're a slave to money then you die.'

'lifestyle porn'

Liked this, referring to wanting all material items etc etc.

Credit is from the Latin word 'Credo', meaning 'to trust' or 'I believe'

This meaning, I did not know. I actually find the meaning a little scary.

At the end of the episode I said to my husband, all I can think of is that cult science fiction film 'They Live'.

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Yeah, we watched it too. There was a much better show on the subject recently called, I think, the Ascent of Money.

Last night's show has some good observations about the financial system and why the crisis happened, but it contained an awful lot of sensationalist language designed to stir up righteous indignation, which wasn't always justified or even truthful. Like the end bit, where he infers that the bailouts went to the CEOs. Nope, they went to the companies, so the financial system didn't collapse, which would have been even worse. The fact that the CEOs barely had their knuckles rapped is wrong, but claiming the bailouts went to them at the end made me wonder how many lies and twisted truths there were in the show.

And the bl**dy visual metaphors! Volcanic geysers? Religious imagery? WTF?

I love "They Live" - it is so corny and yet so cool, all at the same time.
Didn't catch this show though. It's possible from Chocolatetrudi's comment it would have just annoyed me...


The phrase what liberates you also enslaves you could apply to other things, such as various drugs. In any case, it's the users who enslave themselves.

Obsessiveness and addiction. I see it, but I don't understand it. The businessmen who have Porsches out the wazoo and keep working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. The bank robbers who keep robbing banks until they get caught. Unless you've created a ponzi scheme like good ol' Madoff, there no reason to become a slave to it.

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