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Party Report
Last night we went to Andreas birthday party which had a Halloween theme. Driving on the way to his place we saw the odd crowd walking around in costume. I feel Halloween is defiantly crawling into the Australian culture. Which I personally don't mind because I love the decorations and costumes.

The party was lovely and there were many assortment of costumes, ranging from witches, devils, injured person with bullet marks in his head. I said to Tim, he really needs to get that looked at and offered my husband (a vet) could help with the stitching. ;-)

At one point in the night I went and watched 'Hello Kitty' with the kids. Bad but cute cartoon. I had never seen the show, so I just had to have a look. When I told N that my 9 year old son liked Hello Kitty, you should have seen her face expression. It was absolutely classic. It was a combination of sheer shock and surprise. Yes 9 year old boys can like cute things too.

I was so glad that Andreas liked his presents and he didn't have them. I always have that fear when giving books, especially when they are on a particular theme.

It was a great night and I hope Andreas enjoyed himself.


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