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I was a teenager last night, but today I'm feeling my age.........
Errrr I'm so tired and was a little seedy this morning when I was in the car when we had to go to H's clinic to check on animals. But now I'm a little bit more human.

Last night enjoyed a packed full 40th Birthday party for Trudi chocolatetrudi . The theme was 1980s. I decided to go as Cyndi Lauper , so all I needed to do was hire some full skirts from Eltham's costume hire place and make up the rest. Had fun making my hair a little wild and almost used a whole can of red hair spray. Our poor dog kept sneezing while I was doing my hair.

We arrived around 8.30pm to the sound of much chattering and 80's music. Ahhh memory lane. Trudi went as Madonna in 'Desperately Seeking Susan'. She made her jacket  which was fantastic, she did an excellent job. There was a vast collection of costumes, Devo, V, Ghostbusters, Fraggle Rock, New Romantics and many padded shoulders and leg warmers etc.

Trudi had professional bar tenders at her party. They whipped up cocktails so quickly and professionally. The young man behind the bar said, "who are you dressed up as"? I said, "Cyndi Lauper". He said, "who?". Ahhhhhh I explained and said to him you must be early 20's. He said yes, I said, "I'm old enough to be your mother". I groaned and left with my margarita.

To end the night, was a great rubiks cube chocolate cake. Yumo. I took seconds.

I hope Trudi had an excellent time. Look forward to seeing an end product from that knitting book Trudi. ;-)


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Fabulous photos! Love the one of H and the mullet, and that's a great one of Em.

G and i were arguing about who H was dressed as....was he Doogie Howser?

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