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Northside Makers Market
Boy I'm tired from yesterday, and if I'm tired, I would hate to think how tired the organisers are www.northsidemakers.com

The day started off well. Karen (Cosmic Cat Creations) karenandmichael and I met up at around 8.20am. They had asked for volunteers to help set up, so of course we roped our selves in. Our job was to set up two chairs for each stallholder and label them. Thank goodness I brought my glasses.

Anyway, set up went fine. I was really happy with my new layout of my table. One thing I have noticed and have read about on other blogs. Is to add height for your products. It tends to get the customers attention and of course makes ones table a little more interesting. To add height I purchased an old magazine rack from a Salvos op shop a few days ago. I was happy with the find, because I wanted a better way to show off my gift wrap. It did the trick to a certain extent, you couldn't see the gift wrap on the other side. Will have to think a little more for future displays.

Overall the day was great. Great weather, really nice vibe, lovely and cute location. Love the stage and court yard. Overall the organisers did an excellent job and should be proud. My only regret, I really couldn't browse for ages, every visit for a stall was a flying visit.

Note: For more pics go to www.pivx.blogspot.com


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